Vocal lessons

What can you learn?


We need volume to reach the listener. Sometimes, we simply want to shout out what we want to sing. Let me assist you in making yourself heard without straining your voice!

Stability & Control

This is one of the most fundamental aspects of singing. How do professional singers manage to sing so brightly and with control without their voices breaking? This is all about the use of support.


Do you want to learn about vibrato and ornamentation, or do you want to distort your voice like a rock star? I can show you how.

Sound Color

Do you want to achieve a brighter or darker tone in your voice? Let me introduce you to the concept of sound colors, so you can customize and design the sound you want!

...and so much more!

"I am deeply passionate about the voice as an instrument and am committed to sharing the joy of singing with more individuals. This is why I chose to study Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) in Copenhagen. I possess a profound understanding of the anatomy, functionality, limitations, and, most importantly, the potential of the voice. My knowledge spans various musical genres, enabling me to assist you in achieving your specific singing goals. My teaching methodology is grounded in the belief that ALL sounds can be produced in a healthy manner. Yes, you heard that right. Singing should not be uncomfortable or painful."


NOK 650,- per hour*

10 timer = NOK 5.850,- (1 hour for free)

20 timer = NOK 11.700,- (2 hours for free)

*45 min