Anette E.

I chose to take singing lessons from Elias based on recommendations from acquaintances who praised his exceptional skill. Despite having sung for many years, my sessions with Elias revealed uncharted territory in my vocal journey. He explains concepts in a straightforward and practical manner that yields IMMEDIATE results. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to take lessons with Elias, as he offers truly comprehensive vocal instruction.

Raymond M.

Being Elias's student has really upped my singing game. He's an amazing teacher who can explain things in a way that just clicks. He puts the focus on you and gives feedback on what's working and what needs some work, which is super helpful. Plus, he's got a bunch of cool tools that make it a lot easier to get things right. He knows his stuff and has plenty of experience as a singer. I've improved a ton in a pretty short time. Before I started lessons with Elias, I used to get frustrated because I wasn't seeing much progress. But I just didn't know the techniques and what it takes to get better. There's a lot to learn, and if you're taking lessons with Elias, you'll definitely make some big strides as long as you're willing to let go and go with the flow. It's often just about having the confidence to do it.

Client testimonials


Jostein A.

A young musician and vocalist who should definitely release more of his original songs. He performs both his own compositions and songs by others and stands confidently as a solo singer with a guitar. He has a beautiful voice!

Arvid T.

Elias is such a friendly, approachable, understanding, and skilled singing teacher. He genuinely cares and tailors the lessons to fit me and my goals. I've seen significant improvement in my own abilities in just a short amount of time.

Line S.

An amazingly talented singer, who I'd strongly recommend. Our wedding ceremony became magical with Elias' contribution.